Annama on Beauty Standards

Musician & Model Annama – a beauty editorial about individuality

“I have done do everything to slightly crack my surface/ Fassade for years. hoping that my actual inside world will shine through to be seen. I always had to change Sth,
never liked what i saw, so I kept changing not for good tho it only got worse hah. It was on purpose.
Guess that’s a side effect from my modeling job where it’s all about ur look first.
As I’m a musician as well I feel super sensitive to the real shit, to whats going inside. Rather is bright or dark. that’s what really triggers me.
So To me Beaty is becoming interesting at the point where you can actually feel it rather see it. It comes along with a wide emotional response. It’s not just about nice.
And that’s the great part about it- real beauty is useful, even necessary if u ask me. In the sense of that it triggers you, it feeds you and make u think. U want to explore. Take a watch as an example, delicate look but that’s not it. The entire actual world sits inside.”

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