Phenix Kühnert for i-D

Imperfect means strong in character.

“Far too often, beauty is equated with perfection. And yes, there is certainly a connection there, that we as humans, for example, perceive a face that is as symmetrical as possible as particularly beautiful. This perfection is sold in so many places as the only true thing. But of course this is not the case! Imperfect means strong in character. Even though it is a dichotomy for me to actively break through exactly these beauty ideals again and again. Otherwise we will soon all look like clones. On the other hand, as a trans woman, it’s a very empowering feeling for me to be able to fulfill the beauty ideals for cis women just as much, despite my gender identity.” Editorial for i-D Magazine x Phenix Kühnert Model, book author and LGBTQIA+ activist

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